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Positions and Views of Mark Dayton
on Energy, Gas, Oil & Autos
Currently Elected Governor & Lt Governor, Minnesota
Age: 68
Party: Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Phone: 612.727.5220
Address: BHW Federal Building, 1 Federal Dr. Suite 298
Fort Snelling, MN 55111
Mark Dayton's positions and views on the issues:
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Energy, Gas, Oil & Autos Positions and Views
Energy, a General Statement

Mark persists in his campaign for a national energy policy that would emphasize the importance of renewable fuels and renewable energy. He has introduced and cosponsored legislation to promote the increased use of ethanol, biodiesel, solar power, and wind power. With Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, Mark introduced a bill that would create incentives for farmers to invest in wind energy on their farm. He also supports a strong Renewable Portfolio Standard for electricity -- a flexible, market-driven policy that can ensure that the public benefits from renewable energy. Mark believes that the expansion of renewable fuel markets will benefit the environment, lead to less reliance on foreign oil, and help boost market prices as the demand increases for the agricultural products used in these fuels. He strongly supports increasing the miles-per-gallon standards for all vehicles to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and decrease emissions of carbon dioxide that are released into the air.

Source: Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Renewable Energy, Solar, Biomass and Wind

Mark has long supported the development of renewable fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel. The domestic production of renewable fuels would reduce our nation's dependence on oil exports. As former CIA Director James Woolsey noted in recent testimony before the Senate Committee on Agriculture, reduced dependency on foreign oil would allow the United States to formulate its international policies on principles such as expanding democracy, rather than securing access to foreign fuel. American consumers would also be freed from staggering fuel prices, which result from a trend of rising demand for oil coupled with shrinking supplies. Renewable fuels also are cleaner and better for the environment than oil. In addition, a U.S. renewable fuels industry would present major economic opportunities for American farmers and rural communities in the form of increased demand for products such as corn and soybeans. Escalated biodiesel production will especially benefit Minnesota by boosting prices for soybeans, Minnesota's largest cash crop.

Mark supports initiatives to educate the public about the benefits of renewable fuels, a critical step toward encouraging the production and use of the alternative fuel. The 2002 Farm Bill included an amendment offered by Mark authorizing $5 million through 2007 to educate the public about the benefits of using biodiesel.

In addition, Mark continues to support legislation designed to increase the use of renewable fuels. For example, Mark offered an amendment, which received bipartisan support, to last year's Energy Bill, to increase use of renewable fuels by requiring that greater amounts of ethanol and biodiesel be used in the 600,000 vehicles in the federal fleet. Mark is continuing his role as a leading voice in promoting the country's use of renewable fuels as the current Congress debates a new Energy Bill. In fact, Mark supports a number of initiatives that would be included in a new Energy Bill, such as:

A Renewable Fuels Sta [Response was truncated to maximum response length of 2000 characters.]

Source: Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

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Energy Independence from Foreign Oil
Oil Drilling
Gas Prices
Oil and Gas Subsidies
Oil Company Profits
Canadian Oil (Keystone) Pipeline
Nuclear Power
Fuel Efficiency & Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards
Shale Gas Development
Regulation of Energy Companies
Gulf Oil Spill
Offshore Oil Drilling Safety Standards
Energy Efficiency and Standards
Green Homes and Improvements
Energy Research and Development
Renewable Fuels, Biofuels and Ethanol
Solar Energy Investment Tax Credit Bill
Hydrogen Cell Fuel Initiative
Utility Deregulation
Natural Gas
Electricity Transmission Grid
Energy Bill
Department of Energy
Domestic Energy Production
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Production Tax Credit
Strategic Energy Fund
Energy Efficient Government Buildings
Gas & Oil, a General Statement
Developing World Oil Demand
Wellhead Tax
Low Carbon Fuels
Auto Industry
Hybrid & All Electric Cars
Flexible Fuel Vehicles
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